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How does the payment work ?

Payment is made via your cart or your account on this site, and is completely secure.

It can be done by credit card, as well as via a Paypal or Stripe account.

When does my subscription start ?

The subscription starts immediately upon receipt of payment.

How do I renew my subscription ?

Each subscription is tacitly renewed on its expiration date. It is possible to deactivate the renewal in the “my account” tab.

What should I do if I lost my activation key ?

Your activation key is available in the “my account” tab.

Can I use Master Range at the same time as PokerStars ?

You cannot use Master range at the same time as the 2 rooms, but you can use it when they are closed.

Can I use Master Range on multiple computers ?

It is possible to use Master Range on multiple computers, however, only one software will not be able to run simultaneously.

Is it possible to use content created on Master Range for commercial purposes ?

Yes, you can export your ranges as PDF and use them however you want, including for commercial purposes.

Who to contact in the event of a technical problem ?

For quick processing, we advise you to use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

How to get access to the free Master Range tables

The tables made available to you are accessible from your account in the “Downloads” section.

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