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Marketplace, your GTO poker ranges

PLEASE NOTE: You must have a subscription to Master Range to view your ranges.

The Master Range marketplace offers you a wide choice of ranges to use on our software.

There is no hesitation about the platforms offered: they are all there!

  • Betclic,
  • PartyPoker,
  • Winamax,
  • Pokerstars, … etc.

You can search directly for the ranges that correspond to you with the categories according to your criteria.

All our ranges have been calculated with Simple Preflop (strength 10k/10k/10k) according to the rake of each limit.
They thus guarantee you an optimal game strategy preflop.

Due to the extensive analysis required to produce these ranges, they cannot be MODIFIED or EXPORTED.
However, you can change the cell size and the row size for better readability according to your preferences.

When you order a new range, do not forget to press the refresh button of the software (symbol with 2 arrows) so that your range appears.

The ranges purchased are available “for life” and do not require renewal. They can be used via the Master Range platform. The annual subscription is renewable each year.

Discover our GTO poker ranges

GG Poker NL5000 (Flat BTN & Limp SB)



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